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Pakistan Navy rescues Portuguese family off Somali coast

A Portuguese family stranded off the Somali coast was rescued in an open sea-aid operation by the Pakistan Navy (PN), said a statement released on Wednesday.

The rescue effort was carried out by PNS Alamgir, 180 miles off the coast of the east African nation. The stranded family was provided with drinking water, rations, and fuel.

The family, including women and children, embarked on a world tour were stranded in open waters when their sailing boat ran out of fuel.

The family thanked the Pakistan Navy for the rescue.

In addition to performing maritime security duties, the PN regularly conducts rescue and aid operations on humanitarian grounds.

Last week, the Pakistan Navy delivered medical assistance to an Indian boat which had developed engine problems was lost at sea.

A press release issued by the Navy in this regard details that PNS Alamgir delivered assistance to Indian fishermen travelling in ST Mars.

The fishermen were close to running out of food and water after their boat developed engine problems. Despite repeated appeals, no Indian boat had come to their rescue.

The Pakistani vessel rushed to the aid of the 12 Indian fishermen aboard ST Mars on humanitarian grounds as soon as they got news of the incident.

The Pakistani Navy delivered food, medical supplies and also helped the fishermen repair the boat.