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Did piracy ever really go away in Somalia?

A NATO anti-piracy mission ended in December. It may have suppressed hijacking of merchant ships. But the ideological root of pirating remains alive and well.

Until 2012, the commercial freighters that crawled past the coast of Somalia produced fortunes for pirates who held their crews captive for ransom. Eventually, NATO and other major trading countries, including China and Iran, rolled out warships, captured the pirates, and sent them abroad for prosecution. And shipping companies took extra precautions, including putting armed guards on their vessels, which calmed nerves in the industry and kept pirates off their boats and out of the headlines. But that all changed Monday with the hijacking of the Aris 13, a Sri Lankan-crewed oil freighter off the northern Somalian coast – the most high-profile incident in years, and one that now highlights the limits of international authorities’ success.

Source: CS Monitor