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German container ship attacked, 6 crew kidnapped, including Captain

Container ship DEMETER was attacked by pirates at around 0600 UTC Oct 21 in position 03 47N 007 09E, south of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Bight of Bonny, while en route from Malabo Equatorial Guinea to Monrovia, Liberia, probably with Onne Nigeria call. Pirates boarded the ship, kidnapped 6 crew, including Master, Chief Officer, Secodn Officer, Second Engineer, Bosun and Cook, and then left DEMETER . According to report, there were 8 pirates on a black speedboat. Remaining 12 crew reported unhurt, the ship resumed sailing, ETA Monrovia Oct 25. At 1300 UTC Oct 23 the ship was in Gulf of Guinea southeast of Abijan, heading for Monrovia at some 12 knots speed. Nationalities of kidnapped crew unknown.
Comment: On Oct 23 Nigeria says it is effectively policing against piracy and armed robbers and that armed guards will not be permitted on board vessels operating in its waters or in the ports.The rule applies to anyone carrying a firearm. Nigeria has warned that any vessel found with armed guards on board would be detained.
That’s what industry media and other do-gooders should fight – coastal States which prohibit armed guards, especially States like Nigeria, by requesting international Convention on armed guards and the right of merchant marine to defend itself.

Source: Fleetmon