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1.         Category: MILITARY OPERATION


2.         Description: MILITARY OPERATION – released on behalf of COMBINED MARITIME FORCES – BAHRAIN

A Maritime Security Operation (Focused Operation) will be conducted by Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 in areas off the Somali Coast, Socotra Gap and in the vicinity of the IRTC between 1 and 7 October 2020.

Multinational naval units, aircraft and personnel will be operating under the Turkish led CTF 151 (Counter Piracy).

The aims of the operation are to:

a. Deter and suppress piracy,

b. Reassure and be prepared to protect maritime community,

c. Collect data for the pattern of life in the area of operations.

Merchant vessels are invited to interact with naval ships and are encouraged to provide information as requested by CTF 151.

Contributions by merchant vessels to better understand the Pattern of Life are highly appreciated.

Mariners are reminded to navigate with caution whilst transiting this area.

3. Source: CMF/CTF 151

4. Any queries regarding this Notice ring +44 2392222060 only for further information.


This NOTICE is provided to inform maritime situational awareness for mariners operating in the region.


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