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Piracy threat returns to African waters

A small Iranian fishing boat was hijacked off the coast of Somalia Tuesday, a local mayor reported. The boat would be used as a “mother ship” by its captors to launch further attacks, Ali Shire, mayor of the town of Haabo, told Reuters. The attack is the latest in a series of hijackings in the designated High Risk Area (HRA) off Somalia since the Aris-13 tanker was taken on March 13. The region had seen a steady decline in piracy over recent years, after gaining notoriety for the frequency of attacks around the turn of the decade. In 2010, Somali pirates hijacked 49 ships and took over 1,000 hostages, according to the International Maritime Bureau. There are mounting concerns that the period of relative calm may be over, and the threat from piracy could increase further.

Source: CNN