You are currently viewing Gulf of Guinea  – Piracy attack on 8 Mar 2017 – position 03 13.0 N  004 28.9 E

Gulf of Guinea – Piracy attack on 8 Mar 2017 – position 03 13.0 N 004 28.9 E

*** ALERT *** ALERT *** ALERT ***

Please see below confirmed report received from Sea Guardian’s Intel Cell about a Piracy attack at position 03 13.0 N  004 28.9 E

On 8 Mar 2017 an MV was attacked by a speed boat with 7 armed persons on board (3 AK Machine guns noticed). Vessel increased speed to full ahead 15.3 knots and started zig-zag maneuvering. Crew mustered in citadel at 08.03.2017 08:35 UTC – Vessel was fired upon by 3 AK Machine guns. 08.03.2017 08.40 UTC Lat: 03 13 9N / Long: 004 28 9E– Pirate’s speed boat escaped. All crew is safe, no wounded persons on board.

Vessel had already been reporting with MDAT-GoG on a daily basis and they were immediately informed of the incident.

Vessels currently operating at or near the Nigerian coast and the Gulf of Guinea in general, are urged to exercise extreme caution as the trend of attempted and actual attacks and violence towards seafarers continues.

We recommend strict implementation and compliance of BMP-4 especially in the area of Protective Measures along with guidelines of Marine Trade Awareness for Trade -Gulf of Guinea (MDAT-GOG) with emphasis in reporting at  

Sea Guardian’s Intel Cell will continue keeping Masters Operators and Owners updated with any alerts or useful information for the safety of our clients Vessels and Seafarers.

Kind Regards

Ops Center / Intel Cell

Operations Dept.