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European Union Maritime Security Strategy

The European Union Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS) for the global maritime domain, adopted by the European Council in June 2014, is a joint EU plan to improve the way in which the EU pre-empts and responds to these challenges. It is an overarching maritime security strategy against all challenges from the global maritime domain that may affect people, activities or infrastructures in the EU.

We all depend on safe, secure and clean seas and oceans for prosperity and peace. It is through adequate maritime security that we can maintain the rule of law in areas beyond national jurisdiction and protect the EU strategic maritime interests which include:

  • overall security and peace
  • rule of law and freedom of navigation
  • external border control
  • maritime infrastructures: ports and harbours, coastal protection, commercial facilities, underwater pipes and cables, offshore platforms and scientific equipment
  • common natural resources and environmental health
  • climate change preparedness.

The strategy is built upon closer collaboration within the EU, across the regional and national levels. It seeks to increase awareness and ensure higher efficiency of operations.

A second objective is to protect EU maritime interests worldwide. The EUMSS strengthens the link between internal and external security, and couples the overall European Security Strategy with the Integrated Maritime Policy.

By working together more closely and planning ahead, the EU and its Member States can make better use of existing resources, and enter more effective and credible international partnerships.

Source: Maritime Cyprus