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EU NAVFOR in collaboration with the Seychelles

At a recent port visit to the Seychelles, ITS Margottini’s crew and embarked Force Headquarters Staff have built on the strong relationship between EU NAVFOR and the Seychelles authorities.

The Seychelles provide important support to the success of the EU NAVFOR counter-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia. The most recent collaboration occurred in November 2017 when the Seychellois authorities charged six suspected pirates that were detained by crew of the EU NAVFOR warship ITS Fasan as they committed a suspected piracy attack against the MV Ever Dynamic.

During the port visit, Rear Admiral Malvagna, the Force Commander of the currently deployed EU NAVFOR assets met with Colonel George Adeline who is Director of the Regional Centre for Operation Coordination (RCOC). This centre is pivotal for regional Indian Ocean states to share maritime information for a more effective and coordinated fight against piracy. Margottini’s crew also took time to work with the Seychellois Marine Police and Coast Guard in a number of exercises designed to promote their safety at sea and essential security. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is a key supporter of this interaction and are regularly involved in training and development opportunities. At a training event earlier this year Barry Faure, the Seychellois Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, discussed the “very positive approach of all concerned,” and outlined the importance of the Seychelles becoming a focal point for dealing with maritime crime.

Rear Admiral Malvagna reinforced EU NAVFOR’s presence and current commitment to both the EU representative, H.E. Lionel Majeste-Laurrouy and the British High Commissioner, H.E. Caron Röhsler. They are both actively committed to supporting Seychelles’ maritime security growth. ITS Margottini has now returned to her counter-piracy patrols in the Indian Ocean.


Source : eunavfor