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23 Nov 17 – Pirate Action Group (PAG), GoO

There is reports of an active Pirate Action Group operating within 100nm radius of position 24-51N 058-33E.
Indian Navy assets are in the area and investigating. Vessels operating in this area should be extra vigilant apply BMP 4 self protection methods and report any suspicious activity immediately to UKMTO and by VHF channel 16.

update: Following the reported attack on an MV in position 2451N 05833E at 222030 UTC Nov 17 an Indian Warship conducted a search of a potential Pirate Action group mothers hip. The Indian Warship can confirm that after an investigation by the boarding team no piracy tripwires were discovered. Therefore MSCHOA assesses that there is currently no active Pirate Action Group in the northern Gulf of Oman.

Source: MSCHOA